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Leasing Your 2020 Jeep Gladiator Could Be The Smart Move

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Just make sure you pick the right trim.

After what seems like an impossibly long wait, the Jeep Gladiator is finally here. New trucks are being delivered to dealers across the country as you read this, and in preparation for the inevitable high demand that the first ever Wrangler-based pickup is going to attract, Jeep has been busy retooling and modernizing its manufacturing plant to cope.

Prices for the base models start at $35,040 and rise to $45,040 for the high-spec Rubicon trim, so you pay for the extras but with the $60,000 launch edition having sold out in just a day, pricing is clearly not going to be an issue. But before you rush out to your dealer and throw a briefcase of cash on the counter, it is worth knowing about a few savings to be had on these models.

After conducting a bit of analysis on Jeep's online configurator and comparing the Gladiator to some competitors, CarsDirect has discovered that this new model could turn out to be one of the best lease deals around. An example of just how affordable a base Sport trim 2020 Gladiator can be is demonstrated by Jeep's $143 monthly lease deal offered over 24 months which requires a 10 percent deposit and allows for a maximum annual mileage of 10,000 miles.

The projected 89 percent residual value on this deal is one of the highest around and handily beats out the 2019 Wrangler Unlimited Sport (77 percent) and 2019 Toyota Tacoma (86 percent and 12,000 mile annual limit) and is a big contributor to that low monthly payment.

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The base Sport is currently the only Gladiator to offer such impressive residuals, opt for the Rubicon or Overland trim and it drops down to 77 percent. Extending your lease period will also obviously lower the residual value but it will still be at a commendable 83 percent after 36 months in the case of the Sport.

That low monthly repayment figure can also easily be ratcheted up by adding a few options or lowering your deposit but if you are happy to stick to a relatively bare-bones Gladiator experience then head on over to Jeep's website where a pickup truck is waiting for you.