Least Exciting Lotus Concept Due In 2013

Lotus got quite a lot of attention after the Paris Motor Show. The company clearly has big plans and pictures of the concepts were everywhere you looked. All but one of the concepts, that is. Their City Car concept didn't get a lot of attention, but that's hardly surprising, the City Car looks even more boring when it's sitting next to those other Lotus concepts. There are some interesting points about the City Car though.

To start with, this isn't a simple rebadged Proton. Lotus actually designed the plug-in hybrid drivetrain completely in-house. That means the City Car is far more deserving of its Lotus badge than the Aston Martin Cygnet will be. Of course, you would have to take a very broad view of what a Lotus should be in order to think this would fit, but word from Lotus executive Dany Bahar is that it will enter production in 2013.

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