Leave Your Car Unattended in Russia at your Peril

Park in the wrong place in Russia, and you may return to find your car horribly disfigured.

Only in Russia can you park your car and come back to find that a giant chain saw has given it an unwanted amputation. These monstrous machines are used to cut up the road whenever some new pipes or cabling needs fitting and are not, despite what you see in these images, used to teach drivers of poorly parked cars a lesson. Accordng to local reports, an innocent accident is how these incidents are being described.

While carrying out its duties, the chainsaw merely touched the unfortunate hatchback. It then inexplicably went into overdrive and lobbed off its rear end. Ouch. Cynics suggest this is the work of a serial car killer, with other vehicles, such as this white BMW, falling victim to the murderous machine over the past few years. A coincidence? Perhaps, but what is for certain is that parking a car in Russia is fraught with danger.

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