Lebanon Hosts Middle East's Biggest American Muscle Gathering

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Lebanese muscle car show is that rare bit of good news from the Middle East.

When we think of automotive enthusiasts in the Middle East, we tend to think of obscenely wealthy princes in supercars on the streets of Dubai. Thanks to the folks at GTSpirit, a recent gathering in Lebanon, known as Muscle Cars Invasion, was captured. The event has shown a more accessible form of automotive fandom, the American muscle car. The biggest of its kind in the Middle East. The event was host to some fantastic examples of the breed. Event participants insist that decades of violence haven't lessened their dedication one bit.

Also in attendance was the Frem Beirut Edition, the white car you see which appears to be the result of giving muscle car growth hormones to a Z4. This is a 500-horsepower prototype of what its makers say will be the first Lebanese supercar. They are perhaps unaware, then, that elsewhere in Beirut, W Motors is already building the Lykan Hypersport supercar. Well, you know what they say about Lebanese supercars, they're like buses, you wait all day for one and then two show up at the same time.

Source Credits: gtspirit.com

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