LeBron James Wants This Much For His Custom Kia

This is the perfect sedan for carting around bandwagon fans.

How much would you drop to own the Kia K900 built in collaboration with LeBron James? Here’s a better question: Would you pay MSRP for a K900? That’s a cool $54,500 if you opt for the premium package and $59,900 for the luxury option. King James is hoping someone will drop that and more as his custom Kia is now being put up for auction. Proceeds from the sale benefit the LeBron James Family Foundation, so it's not like you're completely throwing your money away.

The estimated value is $168,463. There have been six bids so far with the current offering at $89,000. The LeBron James K900 doesn’t have anything new under the hood, but it does have some cool looking rims, custom badging and King James stitching on the headrests. Oh, and James apparently drove it himself. If that’s worth almost $170,000 then so be it.

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