Left Alone, Automakers Will Build Cars That Kill People

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NCAP uncovers seven models that get 0-star crash test ratings.

We may complain about how automotive regulations ruin the fun of driving, but they also save a lot of lives. The New Car Assessment Program's (NCAP) newest test on seven of India's most popular cars serves as a good reminder of this. After testing various models, including a Suzuki, a Hyundai, and a Renault, it found that not a single one earned a single star on its safety rating scale. That's right, this means all seven cars got zero stars in crash testing. That's what a lack of safety laws and regulations gets ya, folks.

See how these cars fair against crashes that should be survivable and eat your words the next time you complain about an enlarged hood that provides a large, safe crumple zone.

Even the Renault Kwid, one of the few that had optional airbags installed, failed the test miserably.

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