Legendary Andy Warhol BMW M1 Art Car Doused In Flour By Climate Activists

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Climate activists continue to deface art installations in Europe.

BMW has a crop of legendary art cars, from Koons' BMW M3 racer to the Andy Warhol BMW M1. Unfortunately, the latter of the two was defaced in a European museum, according to Reuters. The BMW M1 was originally designed by artist Andy Warhol in 1979 and was on display in Milan, Italy.

It is the third time this month that Ultima Generazione (Last Generation) activists have defaced art installations around the county. Earlier, the same group threw soup over some of Van Gogh's work in Rome and defaced an original Klimt painting in Vienna, Austria. The two famous artworks were, fortunately, unharmed by the acts.

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In October, another group of activists glued themselves to classic Ferraris at the Paris Motor Show. In Milan, it's not yet clear to what extent the M1 suffered damage. Protestors were seen throwing at least four one-pound bags of flour over the car while what looked to be a security guard working by himself to stop the activists. One woman was dragged away from the car, screaming at the camera.

Fortunately, the attack was likely harmless, though it's not clear if that was the intent. Again, no art installations have been irreparably damaged by Ultima Generazione. However, if flour found its way into the engine, BMW would need to repair the car rather than just clean it.

Reuters/YouTube Reuters/YouTube BMW BMW

Of course, it's unclear whether the M1 was damaged in the struggle surrounding the car. In the above video, it appears it took some time for the event to end, and the vehicle could have suffered some form of cosmetic damage in the chaos.

For now, we've reached out to BMW for comment on the status of the M1. We have no doubt the brand will want to restore the car to its former glory. The M1 was painted by Warhol, a prolific pop and automotive artist, and later competed in Le Mans in 1919, after which it became a fixture in BMW's museum, making appearances across the globe.

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Source Credits: Reuters

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