Legendary Bugatti Type 35 Reborn As Modern Showcar

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It's a brilliant blend of new and old.

Bugatti is mostly known for its luxurious, lavishly-trimmed missiles like the Chiron that can reach obscene straight-line speeds, but the French automaker has a proud racing heritage that goes all the way back to the legendary Bugatti Type 35. With its supercharged engine, the Type 35 was a phenomenon in its time and Bugatti aims to recapture some of that magic with the new track-focused Bolide.

But to celebrate its racing roots, Bugatti teamed up with Uedelhoven Studios to come up with the gorgeous Type 35 D. This showcar is essentially a modernized version of the Type 35, but it took until now for us to set eyes on the project, which started back in 2015.

Uedelhoven Studios/Facebook Uedelhoven Studios/Facebook Uedelhoven Studios/Facebook

The visual links between the Type 35 D show car and the original Type 35 are clear, with an exceptionally low body, a compact cockpit with seating for just two, and the front wheels pushed far forward. Both cars share the iconic horseshoe grille with the red Bugatti emblem on top, but the 35 D does without headlights.

Neither Uedelhoven Studios nor Bugatti has yet shared any technical details about the 35 D, but it's clear that the show car features a modern suspension with some of these components visible as they jut out of the body.

Uedelhoven Studios/Facebook Uedelhoven Studios/Facebook Uedelhoven Studios/Facebook Bugatti

Other notable styling features are large air intakes in front, a sizable rear diffuser arrangement, and a center line on the rear section that doubles as a lighting strip. There is no way to be certain of the 35 D's dimensions, but it certainly looks less dainty than the original.

Inside, there is a brown leather-trimmed interior with typical Bugatti attention to detail. We can see a wooden gearshift lever and carbon-fiber trim surrounding the vertically-stacked central dials, one of which features a digital screen - you wouldn't find that in a 1920s Type 35. Let's hope that Bugatti sheds some more light on this exceptional show car soon.

Uedelhoven Studios/Facebook Bugatti Bugatti Bugatti

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