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Legendary Lancia Delta Integrale Is Getting The Restomod Treatment

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One Italian car collector wants to give the Lancia Delta Integrale a new lease of life.

Lancia used to be renowned for models like the Stratos and Delta. Today, the Italian automaker is a shadow of its former self and has practically faded into obscurity. But some companies are trying to bring a selection its most iconic models back into the public conscious as we saw with the New Stratos. One such company is Automobili Amos founded by car collector Eugenio Amos, who is on a mission to "make Lancia great again" with his restomod project based on the Lancia Delta Integrale.

Unfortunately, it isn't ready yet, but Automobili Amos has released some tantalizing renders previewing its upcoming Lancia Delta Integrale restomod on Instagram. Effectively, Amos wants to do for the Lancia Delta what Singer has done with the Porsche 964. "Our Delta Integrale is going to be redesigned from scratch – we're replacing more than 1,000 components, which I find quite impressive" Amos said in a recent interview with Classic Driver. "It will get a wider, hand-beaten aluminium body and a carbon-fiber front inspired by the Lancia Beta. The engine and suspension will be completely revised, and the driving experience will be different thanks to redesigned geometry.

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"I want this car to oversteer instead of understeer. The donor cars are standard Delta Integrale 16Vs because they're much cheaper than the mythical Evoluzione models. And those need to be preserved, anyway." According to a report by Hyperbeast, the reimagined Lancia Delta will feature an upgraded engine producing 330 horsepower, making it much more powerful than the 210-hp engine in the original Evoluzione. Amos only intends to build 15 examples.