LEGO And Mercedes-Benz Build Partnership Together

Mercedes-Benz and LEGO are teaming up celebrate the company's Unimog's 60th jubilee. The incredible vehicle links a combination of electric drive and pneumatics that truly give it a sense of distinction. The LEGO constructed 1/12.5 scale model Unimog is the largest Technic model in the company's history. The real Unimog can move any load out of its way with a pneumatically operated crane that can rotate almost 360 degrees, dubbed "Power Functions".

The gear unit also provides excellent ground clearance. The 4WD guarantees mobility off-road in addition to the serviceable control system and engine. The crane comes in handy during the winter season as it can be converted into a large snow plough. Not only have they been ideal for winter seasons, but also for fighting forest fires and planting trees to name a few of its capabilities. The LEGO Technic Unimog U 400 will hit toy store shelves and from Mercedes-Benz directly in August. It carries a price tag of €190.

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