Lego Blues Brothers Wreak Havoc on Lego Mall

"New Oldsmobiles are in early this year!" - Elwood Blues

For those who like their movies to have lots of great music, absurdly over-the-top car chases and basically nothing else, The Blues Brothers remains an enduring classic, and a testament to how you can make an awesome movie even without being too terribly concerned with plot development. The movie has obviously inspired a lot of tributes, but we’ve just found what might be our favorite, a recreation of the mall chase scene done all in Legos.

It goes without saying that this will seem less hilarious to anyone who hasn’t seen The Blues Brothers, but then life in general is less enjoyable for those poor souls.

Regardless if you saw the movie or not here is a side by side comparison that shows just how much detail went into the Lego version.

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