Lego Ford GT is A Fine Send-Off For Those Who Can't Afford The Real Deal

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It's a Technic model, so settle in to build this one.

If you don't have half a million dollars to drop on a modern Ford GT or already have one and want a tiny replica made of bricks, Lego has finally released its 1:12 scale model as part of its Technic lineup.

It measures around 15 inches long, seven inches wide, and 3.5 inches tall. The kit is made up of 1,466 bricks, and because it's the more advanced Lego Technic, the steering wheel controls the front wheels, it has independent suspension, a moveable rear spoiler, and the doors and hood open.

Under the hood is a "working" approximation of the GT's 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. Unfortunately, the engine doesn't make any power, let alone the GT's awe-inspiring 660 horses.


According to Lego, the kit is for adults, but from experience, we're sure older kids will wrap their heads around it.

Back in the day, Lego Technic was how this writer first came to understand how universal joints, suspension, and differentials work. This GT40 has a working diff and an independent suspension setup.

Lego Technic has come a long way since then, and the GT40 is one of the more expensive in its lineup, so expect around four to five hours of build time or more if it's your first kit.


The Lego Technic Ford GT kit costs $119.99, and you don't need to beg Ford to let you buy one, as was the case with the actual car. Entry-level Technic car kits cost around $50, while the more advanced stuff costs closer to $200. That makes this a mid-range set and a bargain for a car with so much detail.

The modern Ford GT arrived in 2016 with an average of one produced per day and was scheduled to end in 2022, but now it looks like it will be built through to the end of 2023, thanks to one final edition.

Late last year, Ford introduced the final version of its supercar, called the Ford GT Mk IV. It's a track-only special, and only 67 units will be built at $1.7 million each.


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