Lego Technic Bugatti Bolide Is A Foot-Long Replica Of Bugatti's Craziest Hypercar

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You probably can't afford the real thing, so this should suffice.

The Bugatti Bolide is officially in production, only it's not the track-ready hypercar just yet, but rather the Lego Technic version of the Bolide. Lego has expanded its Technic set offerings with the new Bugatti, resulting in a significantly smaller version of the sold-out hypercar. Comprising 905 pieces, when assembled, the Lego Bolide measures three inches tall, 12 inches long, and five inches wide.

Instead of mimicking the 1:12 scale of the Lego Technic Ford GT revealed a few days ago, this is closer to a 1:15 scale compared to the production Bolide, which measures 187 inches long. But even though it's relatively sizable, we're having trouble seeing this as an accurate representation of the Bolide. Perhaps its the angle of the photos or the artificial light, but we prefer the real deal.

Lego Lego Side View Bugatti
Side View

Granted, there are only so many ways you can make a curved surface from a toy set known for square bricks. That, and, of course, the Bolide's bodywork is as much about the absence of paneling in some areas as it is about what's present. The track-only hypercar has wild aero and exposed mechanicals in many areas, which is difficult to recreate in miniature with lego parts.

While the Bolide will be available in whatever color a wealthy buyer wants, the Lego version sticks to yellow and black. Bugatti chose this color scheme because it was the favorite choice of one Ettore Bugatti, founder of the historic brand. Many early Bugatti race cars and road cars featured this color combination, and it's arguably more historically significant than the French Racing Blue we're used to seeing.

Lego Lego Forward Vision Bugatti
Forward Vision

We've been complaining about the design, but Bugatti and Lego did get some stuff right, especially the details. As with many Technic sets, the pistons on the W16 engine actually move. The car has functional steering as well, and the doors open up in the same scissor fashion as the real deal.

The cockpit has some nice details, too, like a wheel that mimics the shape of the Bolide's actual wheel and a small "screen" sitting just ahead of it. The kit has already been released if you feel like owning your own Bugatti Bolide, and it will run you a very reasonable $50 USD.

"I am very excited about this new model. Our LEGO Technic designers have done an amazing job capturing the details of this extreme Bugatti design," said Niels Henrik Horsted, Head of Product LEGO Technic & Speed Champions. "With LEGO bricks you can build anything you can imagine, and with LEGO Technic elements, you can build for real."

Frontal Aspect Bugatti Headlights Bugatti Rearward Vision Bugatti Rear View Bugatti
Frontal Aspect
Rearward Vision
Rear View

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