Lego to Sell Epic $200 Batman Tumbler

Sadly, it's not life-size.

We all loved playing with Lego as kids. It was never the cheapest toy in the shop, and over the years Lego sets have only gone up in price (considerably). And now there’s a new Lego set that’s about to go on sale: the Batman Tumbler. Asking price: $200.This is a 1,869-piece set that we imagine any 6-year-old will have no problem whatsoever putting together. OK, maybe an 8-year-old will have better luck. You know what, scratch all that. This clearly isn’t something for the kids.

It’s for the Lego/Batman/car guy who refuses to grow up. That’s cool. But $200? Screw it. We’d buy it. The set even comes with a Lego figure-sized Batman and Joker. Even the Lego designer himself is just one adult-sized kid.

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