Lemon Law Lawyer Takes On Fisker over Karma Fires

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Did you end up buying a lemon? There are laws about that, and lawyers who specialize in it. This is the guy who returned his client's $100k Fisker Karma due to too many mechanical and safety issues.

Vince Megna is a lawyer who isn't afraid of taking on big and small automakers. That's why they call him the King of Lemon Laws. Claiming to have sued General Motors some 700 times, he's now returning a Fisker Karma to the manufacturer for the first time on behalf of his client who had to bring his car in for service several times, keeping the Karma in the shop for 120 days during the first seven months of ownership.

According to Wisconsin lemon law provisions, because it was out of service for over 30 days, Fisker had to buy the car back. As a result, Fisker refunded the unnamed client's $103,550 and even wanted him to keep quiet about the car's troubles. He obviously hired Megna instead. In the following video, Megna goes back to that Fisker dealership in Wisconsin, with a camera crew in tow. With him he also brought a life-size cut-out of Justin Bieber, the Canadian pop star who has been spotted driving a chrome Karma of his own. But Megna doesn't stop there.

He then proceeds to directly ask dealership employees if they felt the car they were selling and servicing was safe to drive. See for yourself in the video how they reacted, and what the King of the Lemon Laws has to say about the high-end hybrid that has a tendency to catch fire.

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