Leno Almost Crashed his Porsche Carrera GT

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This is not a car for beginners, to say the least.

The Porsche Carrera GT is one of the most insane Porsches ever built and, as we all sadly know by now, has the potential to be very dangerous. Even those with plenty of driving experience and skill are not immune to its analog Formula One car origins. The tragic and horrific death of actor Paul Walker and his friend/business partner Roger Rodas is proof. As it turns out, Jay Leno once almost crashed his Carrera GT too.

Back in 2005, Leno was taking part in the TLC's "Rides" TV program and was on a quest to set a speed record in his Carrera GT at the Talladega raceway in Alabama.

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Leno managed to hit nearly 190 mph in the V10-powered supercar, but not before the car began to spin in five full rotations. "I just got a little sideways and then it started spinning," Leno stated after the fact. "I hit the brakes and saw the wall coming and then got off the brakes, and then when there wasn't any wall I got on the brakes again and then when I saw more wall I got off the brakes. It was kind of like driving on ice." Fortunately for Leno he managed to maintain control, but not everyone has been so lucky.

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