Leno and Crew Create the Ultimate Lotus

Believe it or not, a human being is the heaviest part of this car.

For the past 18 months, Jay Leno and his garage crew have been working on a complete rebuild of a 1966 Lotus Elan. Let’s be clear: it wasn’t a restoration. The car came to the garage in decent shape, but for a guy like Leno who just so happens to have an unlimited budget, decent simply wasn’t good enough. No, he embarked on a project with the goal of building the ultimate Lotus, the very definition of Colin Chapman’s "simplify, then add lightness" philosophy.

The final result is the Lotus of Leno’s dreams, as well as a tribute to one of the best eras of auto racing. Of course, the body had to be painted British Racing Green with a yellow stripe going down the middle. We are beyond envious of Leno right now. Drive it well, Jay. Drive it well.

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