Leno Brings New P1 to His Local Cars & Coffee

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And everyone there really appreciated it.

It's no secret that Jay Leno managed to snag the very first McLaren P1 supercar on American soil. He's Jay Leno after all. Lucky bastard. Anyway, the former "Tonight Show" host is managing to keep plenty busy these days doing what we all dream of: just hanging out and working on the many cars in his massive collection. The P1 just so happens to be his latest acquisition. And fortunately Leno is the type of guy who drives his cars, no matter how rare or expensive.

He's also a known participant at his local Cars and Coffee, where he recently turned up in his P1. And it's all been caught on video. Check out how cool Leno is as he discusses the P1 with other attendants. He's just a true down to earth car guy.

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