Leno Celebrates 25 Years of the Mazda MX-5

"Very few times do you get something right the first time."

He may have just ended his 22-year stint as host of “The Tonight Show,” but Jay Leno has apparently wasted no time in returning to his other life’s passion: cars. Or more specifically, his vast collection of automotive wonders housed in a warehouse complex in Burbank, California. Leno owns quite a few cars, and one of them just so happens to be a first-gen Mazda MX-5. Make no mistake about it: this little roadster is a true sports car in every way.

It’s light, has just the right amount of power, and an easy to shift short-throw manual. Today Leno speaks with the two men who envisioned the MX-5 more than 25 years ago to discuss just how big of an impact the car has made over the years.

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