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Leno Checks Out a Jaguar XKE

Without question, the Jaguar XKE is still absolutely beautiful after being in this world for 50 years.

Today it’s all about Jaguar. Jay Leno has been a long-time Jaguar enthusiast and, of course, he has a special section of his garage devoted entirely to the famed British marque. With his sizeable classic Jaguar collection on display, the "Denim Chin" proudly shows off one of the latest additions to his vast collection: a nearly all-original 1963 Jaguar XKE. Leno bought the car from its first owner, a woman who owned it for nearly 50 years. She took such good care of it that even the clock still worked flawlessly after five decades.

For an old Jag, that’s almost unheard of. In fact, the car looks nearly the same as it did when it first left the factory. Fortunately, Leno has no plans to modify the car in any way. This time, it’s all about being a real "time warp car."

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