Leno Checks Out Roger Moore's 1967 Volvo P1800

This is the actual TV show car from "The Saint."

Before Volvo adapted a design philosophy consisting mainly of right angles, it built the P1800 sports car. Well, not exactly a "sports car" when compared to Ferraris of the same era. But the P1800 still made its mark, thanks mostly to TV show, "The Saint," starring Roger Moore. Before he went on to play James Bond, Moore was seen on the small screen every week driving around in this 1967 P1800. In fact, he actually owned the car itself, something quite unusual for a star to do then, and even now.

Guys like Jay Leno grew up watching that show, helping to begin their life-long love of cars. The current owner of Moore’s old Volvo, who also grew up with the show, actually refinanced his house in order to buy it. That’s commitment to a childhood dream right there. Check out the video ahead where Leno drives this beautiful classic Volvo coupe.

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