Test Drive

Leno Checks Out The Nissan Concept We All Want

A back-to-basics front-engined, rear-wheel-drive sport coupe: why Nissan needs to build this car.

Debuting last year at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Nissan IDx Nismo Concept pays a retro tribute to some of the great Nissans (rather Datsuns) of the past, specifically the 510. The concept received such an enthusiastic response that Nissan is now seriously considering putting it into production. But before that happens, the Japanese automaker sent the concept over to Jay Leno for his always insightful opinions (not to mention the free publicity).

Leno is a longtime fan of old Datsuns, and this IDx Concept seems to have particularly caught his interest and desire to see it reach production. And because he’s Jay Leno, Nissan didn’t have a problem with him taking it out for brief spin. He just couldn’t do any burnouts.

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