Leno Compares a Pair of Gallardos

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AWD or RWD? That's the question Jay Leno ponders as he checks out two different versions of the hot-selling Lamborghini Gallardo.

Jay Leno makes no secret of his passion for Lamborghinis. As the owner of several of Sant'Agata's finest - including a couple of a Miuras and a Countach - our favorite late night talk-show host and car enthusiast is today checking out a couple of Gallardos that may look very similar from the outside, but are different bulls altogether when it comes to handling. Leno's preference for the old-school, rear-drive Gallardo LP550-2 is quite simple: he loves to do burnouts with the rear tires "breaking loose."

However, the LP 570-4 Superleggera is a lightweight, all-wheel drive supercar that offers ridiculous power as well as superior handling abilities. Whatever one's preference may be, the Gallardo has been Lamborghini's most successful model ever, with over 12,000 units sold. The question is, will its upcoming replacement continue to offer RWD for purists?

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