Leno Drives 2013 Cars of the Year

The Porsche 911 may have taken top spot but the Morgan 3 Wheeler must surely take the prize for most outrageous car of the year.

Robb Report’s 20th annual Car of the Year is the 991 Porsche 911 Carrera S. So naturally the Denim Chin was keen to get one in his garage and have some fun with it on the road. He also decided to have a look the new Morgan 3 Wheeler, which the publication aimed at those with money to burn ranked 13 out of 13 cars tested. While Porsche’s and Morgan’s latest creations were deemed to be at opposite ends of the scale by the aloof magazine, there’s no doubting which car wins when it comes to road character.

The Morgan is the ultimate head-turner and though we’d prefer for the new 911 to be parked on our driveway, the 3 Wheeler is the car that would put the biggest smile on our face.

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