Leno Drives a Big Yellow Speedster

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Despite being nearly 100 years old, this fire truck turned Speedster is still going strong.

This 240-inch-long, chain-drive yellow speedster started life out way back in 1919 as a fire truck. Seriously. But years of service and the decades in general have taken their toll on the vehicle. It is nearly 100 years old, after all. But thanks to a pal of Jay Leno's named Gary Wales, La Bestioni was created. And it's downright massive. With its original T-head engine, Wales and his mechanic managed to get this thing up and running instead of letting it rot away in some junkyard. Interestingly, the duo didn't restore the mechanical beast to its original fire truck condition.

Instead, they transformed it into a one-of-a-kind speedster that just screams personality and early 20th century innovation. Its mechanical guts were so well made, it still works amazingly well today. Will people be able to say the same in a century from now about today's cars and trucks? Not likely.

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Source Credits: jaylenosgarage.com

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