Leno Drives a Morgan Hot Rod

This customized V8-powered Morgan hot rod weighs just around 1,800 lbs. and it sounds great.

It’s obvious that Morgan doesn’t like change. While the small British automaker has gone with a variety of engines over the decades, the fundamental design of its cars is nearly exactly the same as it was in the 1930s. But every now and then somebody does something to a classic Morgan that deviates from the company’s classic formula of simple cruising. In this case, Jay Leno’s friend and fellow enthusiast Jason Len created a barely street-legal Morgan Plus 8 hot rod.

With plans to eventually race it, Len's Morgan is powered by a V8 with about 275 horsepower and weighs just 1,800 lbs. Yes, it’s still a Morgan that runs on regular pump gas, but it’s been turned into a heavily modified work of art.

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