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Leno Drives Rare '66 Toyota 2000GT Convertible


After driving the Lexus LFA Spyder, it was time for Jay Leno to get behind the wheel of another Toyota convertible: the one built for James Bond.

An entertainer as busy as Jay Leno wouldn't take a trip half-way around the world if it wasn't worth his time, but his sojourn to Japan has certainly proven eventful for the man we like to call the Denim Chin. After getting behind the wheel of the rare Lexus LFA Spyder and the classic Datsun 240Z, the Tonight Show host also had the privilege of taking an extremely rare 1966 Toyota 2000GT convertible - one of only two ever made - for a ride.

The example which Jay drove is actually the one built for the James Bond flick "You Only Live Twice", purported to have had its roof chopped off to accommodate a rather tall Sean Connery. Convertible or not, with fewer than 350 made, the 2000GT is a rare example of Toyota's early sportscar know-how.

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