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Leno Drives Restored Datsun 510

A whole generation of young car guys don't know much about Datsun, but it's time they learn.

Nissan used to be called Datsun, justin case anyone didn’t know. And like Nissan today, Datsun built some trulywonderful sports cars, specifically the iconic 240Z, which first went on salein the US way back in 1970. But today the Jay Leno is taking a lookat a fully restored Datsun 510. Owned by someone who happens to work on "TheTonight Show" - the Denim Chin's other series - the car needed a new everything, including an engine, in orderto get it to its current state.

The 510 was quite innovative for its time, partly due to its independent suspension which gave it solid handling both on and off the track. This particular 510 has quite a lot of aftermarket parts, but it retains an original Datsun steering wheel. And its engine sounds absolutely wonderful.

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