Leno Drives Steve McQueen's Jaguar XKSS

The King of Cool had one of the coolest Jags ever built.

Steve McQueen passed away at the young age of 50 due to cancer. Despite his premature death, McQueen left behind a collection of cars and motorbikes that would make every gearhead jealous. One such example was his 1956 Jaguar XKSS. Now, this is actually the road-going version of the Jaguar D-Type racing car. It was rare when it was built and some estimate it’s now worth north of $20 million. Today the car is owned by the Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A., but it’s not some static display.

It escapes the confines of the museum walls on a regular basis in order to attend various car shows, and now it’s stopping by Jay Leno’s Garage.

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