Leno Explains Why the De Tomaso Pantera Was Misunderstood

It wasn't the most reliable, but the Pantera has become a true classic.

A mid-engined Italian supercar sold at Ford dealerships. That’s a basic description of the De Tomaso Pantera. Now, the mid-engined Pantera was built in Italy and was powered by the Ford Cleveland V8. It had much of that Italian supercar charm at a fraction of the price of a comparable Ferrari. It was a win-win for many American buyers. But there was a problem. De Tomaso was not exactly known for build quality. Owners regularly had mechanical problems (many still do).

When Jay Leno went to buy his Pantera a few years back, he knew he had to be careful. Buying one in stock factory condition was not a good idea. Fortunately, Leno found the right man to help him make the right purchase. Check out the video ahead as Leno speaks to one of the best Pantera experts around.

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