Leno Gets a Lesson in Off-Road Racing from Baja 1000 Racer Ivan "Ironman" Stewart

But Leno prefers you call him "Doughnut Man."

We’re typically used to seeing episodes of Jay Leno’s web series taking place in his garage. Now that he’s retired from late night, Leno can devote as much time as he wants to cars (he still performs stand-up, though). And because he no longer has a nightly show to prepare for, he’s got the spare time to venture outside of his garage. So Leno takes a road trip on Route 66 in search of some off-roading action. And, of course, Toyota was more than happy to accommodate him.

Meeting up with Baja 1000 racer Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, Leno swaps his stock Tundra for a Baja-prepped one. Thing is, both trucks are nearly identical (they both share the same V8), save for a roll cage, GPS equipment, and a few other add-ons.

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