Leno Gets Behind the Wheel of the Viper GTS

The Denim Chin gets the keys to the SRT Viper GTS and hits the track at Willow Springs.

Ever since SRT revealed its new Viper at last year's New York Auto Show, gearheads across the globe were not only ecstatic but downright relieved to see the V10-powered snake thrive once again. During Chrysler's bankruptcy just a few short years before, it seemed like wishful thinking and frankly outright lunacy to believe the Viper would return to market, at least under Chrysler's ownership. But here we are today and the Viper is better than ever.

Jay Leno recently had the chance to not only drive the 2013 Viper GTS but also to discuss the car with Ralph Gilles, CEO of SRT and VP of Design for Chrysler. The Denim Chin hits the track at Willow Springs to see how the 100-pound lighter GTS model compares to the stock Viper. Clearly, it's the way to go if track days are your thing.

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