Leno Goes Hybrid in the Cadillac ELR

"The Tonight Show" host gets behind the wheel of Cadillac's latest stunner - and it's a hybrid.

Say what you want about hybrids, but at least Cadillac designed one that actually looks the part. In fact, the new ELR is a truly stunning thing and gives us hope that future hybrids, from any automaker, will have attractive styling too. Well, maybe not the Toyota Prius. Car guy extraordinaire Jay Leno has been given an exclusive look and drive at Cadillac’s latest. The ELR has all of the now required styling elements of what makes a modern Cadillac without being too retro and the Denim Chin whole-heartedly approves.

At the same time it’s sporting some of the latest in range-extending technology. Bottom line is it’s fuel efficient and beautiful and if this is what the Cadillac of the future will be, then we’re totally thrilled.

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