Leno Lauds the Deronda

The Denim Chin spends time with America’s answer to the open-wheel Ariel Atom.

The Derondais a relatively unknown sportscar built in Detroit, but that was originally put together in theUK using an Audi TT engine. Some would call it a kit car, but as Jay Leno pointsout in his latest Garage installment, it’s closer to being a composite car,taking the best elements of what’s already out there. Power comes from a 400-hpCorvette LS2 or LS7 V8, rated at 505 hp and 470 lb-ft oftorque and mated to a Porsche G50 transaxle 5-speed transmission.

It features an F1-style double wishbone suspension, a powder-coated steel tube chassis, and, unlike the Ariel Atom, comes with a glass windshield. Weighing just 860 kilos, it also boasts one of the best power-to-weight ratios on the road. Check it out in the video below.

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