Leno Laughs at 1966 Volga

Considered the height of 1960s Russian fashion, the Volga GAZ-21 is a car that only Jay Leno could love.

Perhaps theleast exotic car sitting in Jay Leno’s garage, the 1966 Volga GAZ-21 was anexpensive Russian car in its day and, as the Denim Chin says, partly responsible for thedownfall of Communism. While not a terrible car in its own right, consider that Americans would have been driving around in Cadillacs and Oldsmobileswhile well-heeled Russians and KGB staffers had to make do with this heavy, primitivemotor. But what itlacks in style it makes up for in nostalgic value: Leno’s model still wearstires that say “Made in the USSR”.

The stand-up comic is in his element in his latest production, pulling out his Russian accent at every opportunity to make lighthearted quips about the no-nonsense Soviet-mobile.

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