Leno Packs Some Heat in the Camaro Z/28

Jay Leno is the first person outside of GM to drive the new Camaro Z/28. Be jealous.

Jay Leno may be leaving "The Tonight Show" early next year, but he’ll never abandon the massive garage that houses his prized car collection. Point being, Leno will still be very active in the car community for years to come and automakers will continue to line up in an effort for him to test drive their latest and greatest. But today the "Denim Chin" gets behind the wheel of one of the most anticipated high-performance street legal cars on the market: the Chevrolet Camaro Z/28.

In fact, he’s the first person outside of GM to officially test drive the V8-powered beast. Camaro fans have been waiting for the return of this car for quite some time, and now the wait is over. Leno is also joined by the Camaro’s chief engineer for a discussion about the lighter and more powerful Z/28.

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