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Leno Restores 1962 Maserati 3500 GTi

After two years of restoration, this classic Italian cruiser looks and sounds like new.

Two yearsago, Jay Leno came across an amazing barn find. This 1962 Maserati 3500 GTi had beenleft to rot, which upset the Denim Chin to such an extent he put his best men on the jobof restoring it to its former glory. And this is the result. In thelatest installment of Jay Leno’s Garage, the Tonight Show host waxes lyricalabout his recently-completed restoration project. He also takes it for a spin, showing off his stunning early-Sixties grand tourer and its sweet-sounding straight-six motor.

One of the first to boast fuel injection and a car that was considered the height of sophistication for its day, the 3500 GTi would have cost almost the same as a Ferrari GTO. It might not be as valuable as that particular Prancing Horse today, but still stands as one of the best cars of its time.

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