Leno's 1937 Cord is a Thing of Beauty

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The 1937 Cord 810/812 is one of the most beautiful sedans ever built and Jay Leno may well have the best example in the world.

The Art Deco-inspired body coupled with advanced technology that characterized the Cord 810 made it an overnight sensation following its introduction at the 1935 New York Auto Show. As gorgeous as it low-slung desogm was, the Cord quickly (and unfortunately) developed a reputation for unreliability. Unsold 1936 models were resold as 812 models, the last of which rolled off the production line in August 1937. Around 3,000 Cord 810s and 812s were built, and it's believed two-thirds still exist.

However none are in better condition than the Denim Chin's. His model was immaculately restored by self-taught mechanic Arthur Pirre. Solving all of the stunning sedan's original issues, Leno's 1936 Cord runs better today than it would have done over 70 years ago.

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