Leno's Insane EcoJet Sounds Like a Real Jet

Probably not a serious contender to the Prius, but still much more interesting.

For those who don’t know the story, about a year or so ago, Jay Leno completed work on his very own one-of-a-kind supercar. Designed and built by engineers borrowed from several major companies, namely GM, the car is powered by a 650-horsepower Honeywell jet turbine out of a helicopter, which he runs on biodiesel. The car is also built using eco-friendly materials, and is an excellent example of genuinely alternative environmental thinking.

Whether it’s actually the best way forward, environmentally speaking, is certainly debatable, but it is a seriously different kind of idea. And, of course, it is absolutely terrific to listen to. Start up happens at the 1 minute mark.

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