Leno Samples 2013 Lexus IS Prototype

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Lexus takes aim at BMW once again with its upcoming redesigned IS sport sedan, due out later in 2013. But first, car guy extraordinaire Jay Leno is given a top secret preview.

When you're someone who's influential to both the automotive and entertainment industries as Jay Leno is, then it should be no surprise that automakers would seek your advice for some of their upcoming models. Such is the case today when Lexus asked "The Tonight Show" host to come to Japan and test drive the 2013 IS prototype. Leno wasn't able to get any details about Lexus' new BMW 3 Series fighter from its chief engineer, but he was able to take it for a test drive around the track.

Powered by a 306-horsepower V6, the Lexus prototype left Leno admittedly impressed at not only its engine but also how it felt on the twisty pavement. But the big question is whether it's good enough to de-crown the benchmark 3 Series. We'll have to wait to find out.

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