Leno Takes a Lamborghini Diablo Out for a Spin

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And its V12 sounds glorious.

Jay Leno is a Lamborghini guy. He's made his love for the Italian supercar brand loud and clear many times throughout the years. In fact, he doesn't even own a single Ferrari. There are several Lamborghinis in Leno's famous collection, including a couple of Miuras, a Countach or two, and a few others. But today Leno invites his longtime Lamborghini mechanic and friend to stop by. Franco Barbuscia has serviced Leno's Lambos for 30 years.

Now, the master mechanic has finally bought one for himself and of course he went for a Diablo. Now, this Diablo has no power steering, no traction control, and is rear-wheel-drive. It's not something for the inexperienced driver. But Leno, of course, knows what he's doing behind the wheel.

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