Leno Takes Bite Out of Campagna T-Rex

The visceral three-wheeler has come a long way in 15 years. Jay Leno discovers just how much.

It may be registered as a motorcycle, but the Campagna Motors T-Rex has a roll bar so you don’t have to wear a helmet (in California at least). There are plenty of other features that make this vehicle closer to a car than a traditional two-wheeler; the steering wheel, hand shifter, pedals, and bucket seats chief amongst them. But power comes from a motorcycle engine, either a Kawasaki 1,400 cc or six-cylinder BMW unit, and the raw driving experience (thanks to the open-wheel design and lack of a windshield) that goes with it.

The Denim Chin is just as much a bike guy as he is a car guy, so is the ideal candidate to give the T-Rex a once over.

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