Leno Takes His 3-Wheeler for a Spin

It dates back to the 1930s, but the Morgan Three-Wheeler is still unique and ridicuously cool even today.

Starting the New Year off with something a bit different than usual, this week car-guy extraordinaire Jay Leno takes a closer look at his 1932 Morgan Three-Wheeler. Often considered to be a bit more motorcycle than car, the Three-Wheeler was immediately cool even when it first went on sale decades ago. Comparing it to a World War I biplane when driving it, the Denim Chin (as we like to call him) describes the trike's top speed of 80 mph as feeling more like 180 mph due to its loud engine and low ground clearance.

Despite its age, this old Morgan has no problem going at highway speeds with the rest of traffic. It's clear that Leno has a special fondness for this car, and we can't help but feel satisfied knowing that Morgan has put it back into production.

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