Leno Turns his Chin to a Two-Faced Camaro

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This split personality '68 Camaro concours-meets-crude was made to educate insurance agents, but stopped by Jay Leno's garage for a meet-and-greet with the Denim Chin himself.

This "Jekyll and Hyde" 1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS convertible is half high-quality restoration, half customized street machine. Built as a showpiece, it was used to educate State Farm insurance agents how to properly value collector cars and owner-modified vehicles. The driver's side has been refinished exactly as the car would have rolled off the Chevy assembly line, while the passenger side has a glut of aftermarket parts, custom bodywork and oversized wheels installed by an apprentice.

The Harvey Dent job continues from the boot, through the interior and into the engine bay. Even with mismatched brakes, wheels and cylinder heads, the car is still drivable, and will be making an appearance at the SEMA show. But before the tuner expo opens its doors this month, Jay Leno got his oil-soaked hands all over it for his latest webisode.

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