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Leno Welcomes the Toyota FT-1 Concept to His Kingdom


This could be Toyota's future. Then again, they have to build it first.

When Toyota unveiled its FT-1 Concept last January at Detroit, it was clear the company is really trying to add some genuine emotion to its future cars. The days of bland Camrys and Corollas need to be something of the past, and the styling of the FT-1 is definitely a good start. Better yet, they should just build the car instead of continuing to just show off the concept. Today it’s been brought to Jay Leno’s garage, which is all fine and good, but enough is enough already.

Toyota, we’re asking you kindly: just give this thing the production green light. Prove to everyone that your days of bland are now over. And if FT-1 production does happen, keep as much as of the concept’s design intact. Do that and you’ve got a colossal success ready to go.

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