Leonardo DiCaprio Is Producing A Movie About The VW Diesel Scandal


From Wolf of Wall Street to VW, scandals seem to be his thing.

When the Watergate scandal engulfed front pages across the US and all over the world, Hollywood was quick to pick up on the attention and released a movie documenting the scandal only four years after the incident. Hollywood isn't wasting a breath on capitalizing on the Dieselgate scandal because now it seems that a movie about the VW's fiasco is already in the works. According to Variety Magazine, Leonardo DiCaprio is teaming with Paramount Studios and actress Jennifer Davisson Killoran to film a movie on VW's face-palm-inducing disaster.

Writer Jack Ewing is in the process of writing a book on the scandal and Paramount Studios has already acquired the movie rights to the upcoming book. While it is understandable to race and be the first studio to make a movie about the scandal given how lucrative the film industry is, it seems silly to produce a movie on a scandal where many of the details are still surfacing. No word from Leo on whether this will be his newest shot at an Oscar, but given his ability to act the part of a corrupt businessman in Wolf of Wall Street, he may be well suited to another movie about a corruption scandal. The fact that Leonardo DiCaprio invested in eco-car company Fisker will add an interesting take to the movie.

Source Credits: variety.com

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