Let FCA Explain The Insanity That Is The Ram Rebel TRX Concept

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This video gives a whole new perspective on this beastly truck.

Just the other day we were wowed by the concept truck created by FCA's Ram division, and now we have a video explaining it. The Rebel TRX Concept is bigger and better than anything out there, and to make sure it has a chance at dethroning Ford as king of the performance trucks it was given a de-tuned Hellcat motor. Saying it's de-tuned is a little bit misleading as it still pushes out an awesome 575 horsepower with that supercharged 6.2-liter V8 HEMI lump powering it.

Every part of the TRX is made for extreme conditions and can cover off-road terrain at speeds that should be allowed. As it stands, we cannot really fault the truck. The Ram crew paid attention to all the right areas that needed an upgrade to not only match the competition but also pretty much make it irrelevant.

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From the specially designed suspension and the massive 37-inch tires with rare 18-inch bead locks through to the six-point harnesses and an almost race-spec interior, the Rebel TRX Concept is something we'd love to see make production. One thing that FCA should do is take a look at the comments on the video itself. All the market research is there, fans want this truck to exist, many of them. There are guys ready to write out checks. Others want the TRX as is with no changes and a few say they will sell their Fords for one. That's saying something when you swing someone from the Blue Oval to the Ram, and that's exactly why this concept was conceived.

This thing is so mean that if you fitted a roll cage and some long range tanks it could compete in the Dakar Rally and put up a good fight. Come on, FCA! The people have spoken. Change the name to Rebel TRX and drop "Concept" from the name. Then the automaker would have a proper F-150 Raptor competitor, something the current Ram Rebel can never hope to be.


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