Let Ford Tell You Just What Makes The Raptor's New Shocks So Damn Special

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There's actually a lot to learn about the new truck here.

Ford is really, really excited about the all-new Raptor. When an automaker gets really, really excited about a new model it tends to release a ton of promotional material on it. Some of this stuff can be boring, especially the more technical bits. Luckily Ford's newest video touting the 2017 Raptor mixes information on the truck's new FOX shocks with sweet scenes of the pickup doing what it does best: off-roading. The result is a video that is more or less a more fun version of an owner's manual.

The video doesn't really take shots at the competition. Instead, it's designed to show just how much Ford has worked to improve the second-generation Raptor, especially when it comes to how the truck handles the bumps and jumps of the great outdoors.

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