Let's All Collectively Beg Jaguar To Build This XF Sportbrake SVR

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The mother of all power couples: beauty and power.

For the entirety of history, water has been the main ingredient of all life. Cities are erected near rivers and lakes to keep society humming and the substance is so important that NASA feels fully justified in spending billions of dollars shooting intelligent projectiles towards nearby planets to search for it. Metaphorically speaking, money is the modern equivalent of water. If it's around, the party goes on and if it's not, existence sucks. Mercedes and Jaguar are probably the best examples of that.

The Silver Star is swimming in money, affording it the ability to build everything from your run-of-the-mill people carriers to absurd creations like the AMG G63 6x6. Jaguar may have gotten an injection of cash from Tata Motors' coffers, but it could use some more if it wants to catch up to Mercedes. Some of that cash has helped put the XF Sportbrake on cargo ships bound to America, but the automaker is lacking a go-fast SVR variant to do battle with the AMG E63 S Estate. Mercedes proves to be a few steps ahead yet again. Jaguar still has its battles to fight, but Tata's investment is paying off and the British automaker's future looks bright, with the ultimate sign of success being an XDF Sportbrake.

That's why we shouldn't stop letting our imaginations fill in some of the blanks in Jaguar's lineup. Artist Aksyonov Nikita comes to our aid in that pursuit, spending their time and talents rendering what that would look like for the XF Sportbrake. Preserved are the aggressive looks up front and an F-Pace-like abrupt rear end, but the body kit and accessories have been dialed up to 11. Gone are the small air scoops on the front bumper, replaced by larger holes hollowed to help the angry car gobble enough air to feed 5.0-liters of supercharged V8. The hood gets vents and racing stripes while the lower end of the front bumper gains a carbon fiber lip to properly guide the air around it.

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Not much has changed in the back except for the quad exhaust pipes, which will undoubtedly make the XF Sportbrake SVR the best sounding (and best looking) wagon on the market. You should already be counting your lucky stars that Jaguar was willing to gift the US with the XF Sportbrake in the first place, but if it helps Jaguar expand its watering hole, expect more SVRs to make JLR's party the hottest.


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