Let's Go Skiing With a Lamborghini Gallardo in Winter Camo

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What do you buy when waiting for your new Lamborghini Aventador to arrive? Ski racer Jon Olsson has got it covered.

Alpine ski racer and car enthusiast Jon Olsson has apparently bought himself something new for the upcoming holiday season. Up until now, we only saw Koenigsegg put a ski box on top of a hyper car, the Agera R, which was featured last March at Geneva. But apparently Olsson liked the idea enough to do the same thing to his new Lamborghini Gallardo. He also had it done in a camouflage wrap.

According to the man himself on his official website, he states that he's "been debating on winter cars for quite a while...and thinks this thing is sick...and is 100 percent ready to be driven 50,000km this winter." Apparently, Olsson is still waiting for his Aventador to roll off the assembly line, so this Gallardo is pretty much just something to keep him occupied until then. Tuning firm DMC handled the front end work while Autostripe contributed with the cammo wrap. Overall, it looks pretty solid will undoubtedly be a lot of fun to drive in any season.

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Source Credits: www.jon-olsson.com

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